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Estate Planning Attorney in Blaine, Minnesota

Robert Everhart

Robert J. Everhart

Attorney at law

Having moved to the Twin Cities when he was five years old, Bob feels a deep connection to his Minnesota community. He's dedicated his practice to helping individuals, families, and businesses thrive by providing them with the legal resources they need to be successful in planning for their futures. With former experience in consumer bankruptcy and real estate law, Bob understands the importance of solving problems early and solving problems often, so his clients can get back to what matters most in their lives. Whatever challenges you are facing, Bob approaches your case with care and compassion so you can leave a lasting legacy.


There's one piece of advice I always give to my clients: plan ahead. Plan to protect your assets and your estate for the ones you love.

Robert J. Everhart

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The process of planning for your family's future can be complex. When any kind of legal matter involves our families, the complications can seem overwhelming. That's why it's important to reach out to compassionate, skilled counsel to guide you through these emotional times. Our estate planning & family law attorneys help ensure your family's future and your peace of mind is secure.

You deserve the peace of mind that comes with an estate plan. No two families are exactly alike; each needs personalized legal strategies in order to move forward. We're proud to provide detailed, personalized legal counsel to help you secure your assets, designate beneficiaries, write your will, and plan for the future. Schedule a free consultation at our office in Blaine today.

At The Law Office of Robert J. Everhart, PLC, we understand that a legacy means more than just material items or physical property. Leaving behind a legacy means leaving behind the lessons you've learned, the life you've lived, and the love you've shared here on this earth. We sometimes get so caught up in the details that we forget what it means to be remembered.

We can help. Part of our planning process helps you capture and pass on more than just your money to your children and to generations after you. Don't take the lessons you've learned in life for granted. Allow us to guide you through our legacy planning process so you can pass these lessons on. If you live in Shoreview, Coon Rapids, or Ham Lake, contact us in Blaine, Minnesota.

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Planning for the future of your business

Creating a business, and finding success in your business, is a difficult yet incredibly rewarding experience. At The Law Office of Robert J. Everhart, we appreciate the sacrifices it takes to succeed as a company. But we also understand where many companies fall short: their exit strategy. Many business owners do not plan early and do not plan effectively, leaving a personal and financial mess for someone to clean up.

At our office in Blaine, Minnesota, we pride ourselves on recognizing and addressing the business succession needs of our clients. We invite you to enter an ongoing conversation with us, from the beginning of your business formation to the end of the business journey. We are always looking for ways to ensure your company can and will leave its legacy.

There’s so much that goes into running a business — hard work and long hours are just parts of it. Let an experienced attorney help you navigate through business laws and the actions you need to take to protect your company and your personal assets. Our business law services include business formation, contracts, business partnerships, sales and transfers of business, and dispute resolutions in a variety of industries.

If you're ready to plan for your future, we're ready to help you make your plan a reality. We serve Shoreview, Coon Rapids, Ham Lake, and Blaine, Minnesota with knowledgeable legal guidance. Call today or contact us at the form below to schedule a time to discuss your company. You've worked hard to make your business thrive; allow it to leave a meaningful legacy for your loved ones.